Women's Total Motion Shoes

Rockport Total Motion Collection

Ever wish you had a pair of shoes that could flex to fit your foot while you walk? With Rockport’s Total Motion Collection, you can find a shoe that moves as you walk just like your feet. Your feet move, bend and adjust while you’re walking: so why shouldn’t your shoes? Rockport’s Total Motion Collection of shoes offers unprecedented flexibility to support you — and your feet — every step of the way. As you’re strolling down the sidewalk, our Total Motion shoes are flexing to better accommodate your feet throughout the day meaning you’ll take less of a toll by the end of it. Say goodbye to stiff and uncomfortable shoes and hello to flexible comfort. Now we already know what you’re thinking, “All those flexible and comfortable shoes are clunky and look like bricks attached to my feet.” Trust us, we’ve all seen shoes like those before. We hear you. But what you don’t need to do is trust us on the looks — just see for yourself! Browse Rockport’s total Motion Collection for yourself to see our wide array of shoes available ranging from our booties and flats all the way to strappy sandals and even 75mm heels! Just take a look for yourself and try some on, you won’t want to take them off.

Rockport Women's Total Motion Shoes