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Airport Friendly Shoes

Ah yes, the wonderful world of flying: long lines, leaving early to make it to the airport with plenty of time (only to find yourself waiting for what feels like an eternity to board your plane), gallons of coffee, and, of course, the loud passenger that always happens to be near you after boarding — why is that, anyway? But we have some good news. With Rockport’s line of travel-friendly options, we can help you make that trip just a little easier next time. Rockport offers an extensive selection of shoes that are designed to make your transition though security that much easier, so you can be on your way quicker. The number one tip for air travel when it comes to footwear, as any experienced traveler will tell you, is the importance of slip-ons. And we’ve got your back. And don’t worry, slip-ons don’t have to be bland and ho-hum. With Rockport’s expansive selection, you’ll see that you have plenty to choose from that won’t be boring or clunky. From sporty dress pennies to a more relaxed look with sneakers for both men and women, Rockport is doing its part to help you enjoy a smooth journey.