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Men’s Dunham Sandals

If you’re like most of us, chances are you’ve had some experience with cheap sandals before. Straps break, the thong rips out of the sole and sometimes even jagged rocks or a sharp piece of firewood can pierce through the sole. You need an upgrade. With the Dunham, you can buy the last pair of sandals you’ll ever need. Are you looking for something to take into the river to do some trout fishing when it’s too hot for waders? Dunham has you covered with the FitSmart Fisherman. Or maybe you just need a pair of sandals to use around camp at the end of a long day of hiking? Sounds like you’d love a pair of Nolan Adjustable Sandals. And of course, we can’t forget about your classic Carter Flip Flop (except this one won’t break on you the first time you go out!). No matter what your needs are, trust that Dunham has the sandal you need to get the job done over and over again.