Men's Total Motion Shoes

Men’s Total Motion Collection

Men, are you looking for a more comfortable dress shoe? Something that isn’t too squishy but also doesn’t feel like you have a brick tied to your foot? If you answered yes to those questions then you need to listen up! Because the Rockport Total Motion Collection would like to introduce itself (c’mon now, say hello). The Total Motion Collection from Rockport is changing up the way you think about dress shoes. Rather than the stiff, hard shoes that are miserable to walk on for an extended period of time — or even worse, shoes so squishy they feel like marshmallows with no actual support — Total Motion shoes are designed with flexibility in mind to move with your foot, not fight it. The result? Some of the most comfortable dress shoes that will ever grace your feet. With the flexibility of the Total Motion Collection, you’ll find yourself slipping these shoes on even when you wouldn’t normally wear dress shoes. But don’t worry, these comfy shoes still offer plenty of support along the way because they flex to support your feet, not melt around them like a pile of warm peanut butter. The next time you’re heading to the office, go in with style and comfort with the Rockport Total Motion Collection.

Rockport Men's Total Motion Shoes