Staying Motivated & Productive At Home With Rockport

Staying Motivated & Productive At Home With Rockport


We teamed up with NYC-based blogger, Carla Vianna of Travel By Carla Vianna, to share how she’s staying motivated while working from home in our Women's Total Motion Laylani Studded Loafer.

Many of us are now running on our fourth or fifth week working from home, a new normal that no one could’ve predicted for the year 2020. Here in New York City, we’ve felt the brunt of the quarantine measures stretching across the U.S. Since I began social distancing in early March, I’ve had quite a few weeks to master the new norm!

Here are four of my best tips to staying motivated and productive during this time at home.


1. A designated workspace:

Whether it’s a desk or a section of your dining room table, creating a designated workspace can help you feel like you’re “reporting to work” in the morning. Having a separate workspace in your everyday setting can also boost productivity, as your brain will begin to associate that spot with getting work done. It can also be entertaining to decorate your workspace with things that’ll bring you joy throughout the day, such as plants or a fun letter board.

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2. A new routine:

Sticking to a routine is an easy way to keep yourself productive. Daily rituals like making breakfast, writing in a journal or getting dressed before sitting down to work, help build a sense of structure. During uncertain times, giving your day some structure can relieve stress and anxiety, in turn allowing you to focus on your work. Don’t forget to set aside daily “me” time, too. Self-care is all the more important during times of stress and uncertainty.

3. Neighborhood walks (staying at least six feet away from people):

Fresh air can really change your day around. I’m always looking forward to my weekly neighborhood walks, making sure I stay at least six feet away from others. I usually pick out a favorite outfit just to make the outing feel a bit more special, like wearing my Laylani Studded Loafer in desert sage (all the spring feels). I find myself feeling more motivated after a good dose of fresh air.

4. A new skill or hobby:

Just because we can’t go outside, doesn’t mean we have to stop working on ourselves! This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or start a hobby you’ve always been curious about. I’ve personally been trying to incorporate morning yoga into my daily routine via Alo Yoga’s YouTube channel. Use the time traditionally spent commuting to try something new that’ll bring you joy, like baking or painting.

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This Port71 guest blogger received product compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the bloggers own.