Que Syrah, Syrah: Autumn in NorCal’s Wine Country

Autumn in Wine Country Hi everyone! I’m so happy to return with more tips and insights into life in the Wine Country. My blog, A Mused, focuses on Northern California style and wine country culture. Whether you’re seeking advice on the perfect outfit for wine tasting, or family fun events, I’ve got you covered. After reading today’s post, be sure to head over to my blog for more outfits and travel ideas. Fall in the Wine Country of Northern California is a thing of beauty and splendor. The vineyards, which stretch across the valleys and hills of Sonoma County, quickly change from lush green livery to a dazzling display of orange, red, and yellow leaves. The grape harvest, also known to locals as “The Crush,” usually begins around the autumn equinox. Large, towering vineyard fans or heaters will begin appearing in the Napa and Alexander Valleys around this time, as to prevent frost from developing on the precious grapes. The sound they create is a low and soothing hum. As the fruit matures on the vine, a bittersweet scent fills the air; it’s Syrah season. Amber in Christy Waterproof Boots Life in Sonoma County Wine Country is full of multifaceted cultures and traditions: from the family owned and operated wineries, to the farm hands that fuel the local restaurants, there is always more to this area than what meets the eye. One of the highlights of Sonoma County is its farming culture. Many name brands that you may recognize from your local grocery store are from here: Clover Dairy Farms, Amy’s Kitchen, Taylor Maid Coffee, and Cowgirl Creamery* are all proud Sonoma County businesses. With the changing of the vineyards and the beginning of the crush season, many local residents begin to look forward to another seasonal harvest: the annual pumpkin patch in Petaluma. While there are certainly several pumpkin patches to choose from in the area, there is only one that can back up traffic along the 101. Complete with a corn maze, homemade cookies, and rows of bright sunflowers, the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch is a destination that families look forward to visiting year round. I absolutely love wandering along the Petaluma Marina marshes, especially at twilight. The river that runs through downtown, along with the marina’s thick fog, creates a magical atmosphere at sunrise and sunset. Dressing in layers is especially important as the temperatures often fluctuate. In addition to layers, the time I spend by the riverfront always calls for comfortable shoes. I went with the Christy Waterproof Tall Boot for my last weekend outing. With added cushion and support, my Christy boots are essential for all of my long walks. They don’t feel stiff like other rain boots; in fact, they don’t look like rain boots at all. They’re a classic tall boot that keep my feet comfortable and have the added benefit of being waterproof. I like to end my time along the Marina with friends at one of my favorite local restaurants – either Della Fattoria or Sugo Trattoria – it’s the perfect way to close the day! Autumn in Wine Country Autumn in Wine CountryAutumn in Wine Country Autumn in Wine CountryAutumn in Wine CountryAutumn in Wine CountryAutumn in Wine Country Looking for more local insider tips on where to visit and shop in Sonoma County? Visit my blog, A Mused, and search under the Local tab! Photography: Stephanie Malilong Photography *Cowgirl Creamery, located in Point Reyes is technically a Marin County business. The SoCo locals claim it anyway! Find more of Amber's style inspiration by following @AMusedBlog on Instagram. This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.