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Jared Graybiel, contributor at Busted Wallet.com is a runner, special education teacher, and firm believer every man's wardrobe should be a balance between comfort and style. He stands by the philosophy that being on trend doesn't mean trading in your favorite pants for skinny jeans. Finding the right fit that is comfortable and on trend can be a challenge, a challenge that he is up for! And always ready to best answer any questions regarding fit, style, and current trends on every day men's clothing. Rockport’s Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine Boot Dark gray clouds. Snow in the forecast. The inevitable is here. Without the right gear, it is hard to be motivated to be anywhere but under a pile of blankets during the long winter months. The Rockport Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine Boot is just the motivation I need to hit those winter trails. The Trailbreaker Alpine’s Hydro-Shield™ combines its waterproof leather and soft sheepskin lining with a waterproof insole keep my feet dry when venturing out into a snowstorm. The rubber grips on the sole prepared me for those rugged hills and ice. Even though the boot is tough enough for a hike, it is also a nice boot to wear out to your favorite brewery when paired with a dark, tapered denim jean. Rockport Shoes Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine BootMy hesitation when buying a product like this in store or online is the weight of most boots. Clomping around loudly in a restaurant or on a downtown sidewalk is not a good look (or sound). Rockport has designed a boot tough enough for vigorous hikes but lightweight enough to be worn to any winter happy hour. Past boot purchases seem to “tire out” my feet quickly. The Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine’s lightweight design lends itself to alleviate my common winter boot foot fatigue troubles. This boot is comfortable. One of my favorite features of this boot is the heel cushioning sports technology that provides maximum heel cushioning and shock absorption to keep my feet, legs, and hips comfortable throughout long hikes. The soft lining adds to the overall comfort of the boot. Among the waterproof leather and insole, the gusseted tongue of the boot keeps moisture totally out. What makes the tongue “gusseted” is the triangular material that attaches the tongue of the boot to the inner lining. This small piece of leather material is the key when keeping moisture totally out…and it certainly did its job with this boot! The Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine Boot has minimal “flair” when it comes to style, which will work for the average man in the winter. I like the look of the soles and the color around the outside on the heel. However, the plain black design can be worn with almost anything.

Rockport Shoes Trailbreaker Waterproof Alpine Boot On a recent 6 mile snow shoe hike, my Trailbreaker Alpine’s held true to all the above. My feet stayed warm and dry throughout my journey. Not an ounce of moisture was came through the boot. At times, the trail was rugged and my hike became more vigorous than expected. My feet stayed comfortable and warm without overheating. I also did not experience the foot fatigue I often do on long hikes.

Choosing to wear these boots on a less snowy but more vigorous hike proved to be the right decision as well. Scaling the tall, icy dunes along Lake Michigan was challenging to say the least. Digging the toe into the sand allowed me grip and climb these next to impossible dunes. The view of Lake Michigan on top of the dune was well worth the hike!

Dunes overlooking Lake MichiganView from the top of the dune overlooking Lake Michigan.

Finally, a company to understand the equation of style + comfort! After these hikes, I have full faith in Rockport products. I finally found a pair of boots strong enough for my active lifestyle but comfortable enough to wear all winter long. I can’t wait to purchase a more “streetwise” shoe from Rockport.

Jared GraybielJared Graybiel of Busted Wallet

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