DresSports: Life's a Marathon. Plan Accordingly.

Stephen DP Post 1 Header Stephen Rathbun, native New Yorker, avid runner and Key Account Representative here at Rockport, will be running the Boston Marathon this coming April in our DresSports shoes, one of the first dress shoes to be infused with sport technology. Since the creation of DresSports, Rockport has twice put the shoes to the test with runners completing marathons wearing the shoes, and now Stephen (along with other Rockport employees and fans around the world) will mark the franchise's 35th anniversary by running races in limited edition DresSports, proving once again that DresSports are so comfortable, you can actually run a marathon in them. Over the next few months, Stephen will keep us updated on his progress here as he trains for the marathon in his current residence of Hoboken, New Jersey. This April, I am incredibly excited to be running the Boston Marathon in Rockport’s hometown and in Rockport shoes. Though my training focus fluctuates throughout the year, I generally run between 60 and 90 miles per week. I am not a marathon runner, per se, but I have run 4 marathons, including Boston in 2015 with a PR of 2:42. I am comfortable with the idea of the distance; it is palatable for me. I would not say it is easy by any stretch - a marathon never is – and, while I’ve never run in dress shoes before, I have full faith in the support and technology built into the DresSports line. Over the next few months I will be chronicling my journey as I train for the big day. SS18_W_HLWD_CH0105_CH0108_CCK22KH_CCK22AM_SQ-31076

Pictured: the limited edition DresSports 2 Fast Marathon shoe, a sleek wingtip-athletic hybrid that continues the DresSports tradition of combining sporty features with boardroom-appropriate benefits. Available at select Rockport retail stores and wholesale accounts around the world, starting Fall 2018.

As we currently stand, I am about 4 weeks into the initial phase of my Boston build up. As anyone who has lived the first few weeks of 2018 in the Northeast can attest, we have not seen the most pleasant weather. I grew up in Syracuse, often referred to as the “Snowiest City in America.” I know cold but when we get below 20 degrees (-6 Celsius for our metric friends) the motivation sags. Thankfully, I am part of a great running group here in New Jersey: the Garden State Track Club. When I have others to log miles and workouts with, I always seem to have a better continuity to my training. I also travel frequently for work. Within a given 2 to 3 month period, I will travel to Seattle, Boston and Toronto at least once. This may put a cramp on some peoples’ training plans but I look at it with a different scope. I use the Strava running app to help me find new and popular running routes. Running in new cities is a great way to explore and create excitement in the drudgery that running can bring. Thankfully, Seattle (where I spend quite a bit of time each month) has a more temperate climate and doesn’t see extreme colds. I was there last week and it was certainly a nice reprieve from the Northeast Winter. I can see why the elite runners train in Flagstaff, AZ or Mammoth Lakes, CA; it is much easier to get out the door when you don’t have to put on 20 different layers of clothing. Good news is, next week I will be in Florida so at least one of my Build Up to Boston weeks can be in shorts weather. More on that in my next post (expect Disney pics!). In the meantime, to follow me on my DresSports pursuit, check out my Strava profile @StephenRathbun. In comfort, Stephen