Dressing Made Easy From Brick + Vine

Ryan's Blog Header Ryan Rosenkilde is the creator of Brick + Vine, a menswear and lifestyle blog based in Orange County, CA that covers everything from style and grooming to cocktails and home décor. My philosophy for putting together a great outfit is pretty simple. I need to be comfortable. I need to look good. And it can’t take forever to figure it out. This outlook has come from years of rushing around in the mornings trying to make sure I get out the door on time while still looking pulled together. I’m always in a hurry and always struggling to get out the door for work. From my wardrobe to my grooming routine, whatever I’m doing has to be simple, straightforward and always stylish. Rockport Zip Boots-11 A classic combo I rely on is a great pair of jeans and a crewneck sweater. It’s something that always looks good and it’s easy to switch up with a different sweater or pair of jeans. The key, however, is finding a great pair of boots that help to elevate the simple look. Picking up a pair of boots that’s impressively stylish, but versatile enough to work with tons of variations, is important. The Wyat Wingtip Boot is one such boot. It’s cool enough to be worn casually but classic enough to dress up, making it great for all sorts of occasions. The icing on the cake: they’re also incredibly comfortable (another factor I always consider when getting dressed). They’re like walking on air. Rockport Zip Boots-5 My favorite thing about this boot is the side zipper. It’s genius because, like I said, I’m usually in a hurry or running late and this simple little zipper has made getting dressed a little more efficient. This gorgeous burgundy hue acts as a neutral like a nice brown but keeps things interesting. It pairs really well with almost any color. And for me, boots are a year round footwear item--these are great for wearing to work, out to dinner and anywhere in between. Next time you’re in a hurry to get dressed, try this simple outfit combination and I bet you’ll feel good. And you may even have a minute or two to spare.