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Aravon Sandal Styles

What can we say, when the summertime rolls around and the sun is out, it’s pretty hard to beat the feeling of a great pair of sandals (especially on a nice beach). But not all sandals were created for the same purpose, that’s why Aravon sandals come in an extensive variety of styles to ensure you find a pair that fits your needs. Are you planning on being in the water or a canoe this summer? Then you’ll want something like the Rev 3-Strap Sandal to make getting in and out of the water or boat a breeze. The best part is, when you’re swimming around or have your toes dipping in the cool water on a hot summer day, you don’t need to worry about losing the sandal! Let’s say maybe you won’t be anywhere near the water this summer though and you’re really just looking for something light and easy to slip on and off. Well, if that’s the case then the Beaumont Peep Slide is perfect for you. This lightweight sandal is backless and ideal for quick trips outside or running to the grocery store for that lost minute ingredient somebody (not pointing fingers) forgot to pick up earlier! Whatever your need is, Aravon’s got you covered.