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Aravon Women’s Extended Size Shoes

Have you ever seen a child try on a parent’s shoes before? It’s pretty funny watching them try to walk around in what look like giant clown shoes, however, it’s reminds us of just how different in size we humans can be. That little toddler’s foot compared to a parent’s is comically (and cutely, we might add) small. But outside of children we also know that adults are not all built alike either — and really, how boring would that be if they were, right? That’s why we have the Aravon women’s extended size shoes. Like everyone else, women come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes and so do their feet. Not only does one size not fit all always, but sometimes several sizes do not fit all and that’s why we’ve decided to go beyond the typical size range and offer our footwear in sizes that can more fairly accommodate all of our customers. Whether your needs tend to run higher than the normal sizes, wider, more narrow, or you just prefer a little extra room for cozy socks in your boots, this is the page you’ll find them on!